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      March 14 update: NC Governor Roy Cooper ordered all schools closed for 2 weeks starting March 16, 2020.

      On March 13, 2020, Carteret County Schools made the decision to stay open to students and staff despite the presence of COVID-19 ( coronavirus ) in North Carolina.

      However, the following public guidelines are now in place and will be reviewed daily with modifications being added as necessary.

      1. All field trips and after school activities are cancelled.
      2. All students who are car riders, either in the morning or afternoon, will no longer be allowed to be escorted to their classroom by a parent, guardian, or other except in cases where students have an IEP. Parents of students with IEPs should contact their local school to discuss these guidelines.
      3. All staff training is cancelled.
      4. Pre-K registration scheduled for next week is postponed until further notice.
      5. All Carteret County Schools volunteers will not be allowed to volunteer until further notice.
      6. All sports activities at the local schools are cancelled until further notice.
      7. Parents and guardians are not allowed to visit their child during lunch.
      8. Any parent, guardian, or caregiver who needs access to the school should call ahead.
      9. Custodians will continue a regime of extra cleaning and disinfection of school facilities.

      Carteret County School administration assured the public that they are in daily contact with the Carteret County Health Department, as well as local and state officials and agencies involved in the statewide task force against coronavirus.

      In maintaining this close contact, school administrators will continue to reevaluate modifying these public guidelines and will follow all directives from State of NC officials at multiple levels.

      In their announcement about these new guidelines, school administrators assured parents and residents that the safety, health, and well-being of students is the top priority.

      With this, administrators feel that by having these guidelines in place and monitoring the coronavirus pandemic across the country and here in North Carolina, will allow teachers and other staff to continue their work educating students safely even in the face of the coronavirus.

      This post will be updated hourly as new information is received from school administrators either by the issuance of new guidelines, modifications, or a future decision to close Carteret schools.

      Parents, residents, and others are welcome to register on this website and discuss this topic, but please understand this website is NOT an entity of local government, health systems, or the schools. To get official information, please monitor the health department, local emergency management, and local government social media streams, websites, and other communications.

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      AvatarBrandon H

      All great guidelines for sure, but why am I uneasy by the following scenario?

      This Saturday, a student and his parents go to Raleigh to see grandma. They adhere to good hand washing, proper sneezing and coughing, not touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and they avoid large gatherings. However, Johnny student just happens to get infected while out.

      He then returns to our county and attends school Monday with no symptoms but this virus is incubating. During the incubation and no symptom period, he infects students and staff.

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      Research AdminResearch Admin

      I say you have a very valid point and I encourage you to make this concern known to the health department and the interim-superintendent.

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